Owner, dog reunited after 3 years

CLEVELAND, Ohio (KDKA) — A woman was reunited with her dog Monday, three years after he went missing and one day after the reunion was originally supposed to happen.

Humane Animal Rescue was processing a relinquished dog last week when they realized the pup, named Prince, had a microchip.

When they checked the microchip, they realized it was not registered to the family who had turned Prince over to the shelter, but to a woman named Jazsmine in Euclid, Ohio.

When they got in touch with her, Jazsmine told the shelter that she hadn’t seen Prince for three years.

The reunion was supposed to happen Sunday afternoon, but Jazsmine’s car broke down as she was driving from Cleveland to Pittsburgh. A Humane Animal Rescue employee brought Prince to Jazsmine instead, driving to Cleveland on Monday so the two could finally be reunited.


Author: BobbyMcintyre

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